AIM cant reach the phoenix server


tihs is sometimes nomal, the aim service isnt exactly very stable, just wait for it to come back up

Thanks man

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you’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

man the error continue persisting and i tried to spam the log on button and don’t have result

Spam the log on button? You’re sending it unsolicited email or giving it a weird canned meat product?

Unfortunately when it’s down, it’s usually down for a few hours at the very least, sometimes days, or even longer.

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i know the error i wasn’t confirm the phoenix account

I kept a log of this for a couple of months and I found that if it goes down at night, it can be 2 - 4 hours, if it goes down in the morning it can be up to 8 - 16 hours.

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That error literally does not mean that, the AIM client only reports that error if the connection does not complete.

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no this is not the error unfortunely AIM server is down

You don’t say…

That’s interesting that it’s that consistent. I would imagine you’ve figured out someone’s work/sleep schedule there.

Considering one of the ways to stay awake is eating, perhaps providing the “weird canned meat product” might actually work :stuck_out_tongue: