AIM server for Windows

Does anyone know the servers for AIM 6.0 fully working as of today since AOL Instant Messenger was discontinued on December 15, 2017?
Download link for AIM Descargar AIM para Windows -

exist a AIM server but it dosent support AIM 6 , only AIM 5.9 and lower

and also pidgin and miranda… I was working on possibly 6 and 7 support but encountered difficulty getting them to establish a connection to the server because they only allow SSL communication… and on top of that the use of openAuth aka clientLogin means an entirely new authentication system needs to be made…

there was also “aim lite” which was a little known about side project of some AIM developers apparently, about at the timeline of just a little before 6.x perhaps AIM Lite it will authenticate and connect to my server without trouble but apparently something has changed with the protocol regarding the contact list management…

We could try one of the beta 6.0s.

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None of the 6.x releases, even alpha releases will work because they use clientLogin instead of BUCP and FLAP login methods. Only the latter two is supported so it’s 100% impossible… for now.

Pls what’s the server