After Flash Player is discontinued after December 31, 2020, what we will do when we send winks?

Any fan-made version of Flash Player may be created once the official version ends its support. It could be used to send MSN Winks even after the plugin is discontinued.

Possible names for a legacy version of Flash Player could be known as:
Escargot Flash Player
Flash Player United
Flash Player Revived
New MacroMedia Flash Player


Escargot is only a chatting service, there won’t be anything else with the Escargot name. Also I think there is something like that already.

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There’s other names that may be possible for a legacy version of Flash Player. I trying to find solutions to continue sending winks in 2021.

Flash player.msi

A version of Flash to automatically either uninstall itself or stop working after 2020-12-31T00:00:00Z


I actually have a 14 GB .7z file full of various Flash versions even for android on my Google Drive.


Caution: It’s an SFX (Self extracting archive) that means it’s an .EXE



Archive last updated: January 2020

Yes, the latest version of Flash.

I found SuperNova Player for any browser in order to continue using Flash content:

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not sure it works with activex content tho… for that you need a old enough version for that(and not updating it)

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i dont get why all this fear that it will stop working wont be usable, IT WILL STILL WORK after 31 december, no need to panic,
the tech news websites are scaring people for nothing but just a end of support wich means still works but no updates, wich is ok, its not unsafe at all.
its unsafe if you use it on a computer with sensitive data of a business/company wich mean people or other business may be interested on stealing it, other than that its not important to be so paranoic about security updates.


Uh when flash dies the program itself doesn’t stop working, plus msn’s winks use flash 10 for ie.

logging back on to say this one thing, and then I head back to the super sargasso sea;

you are wrong.

every build of Adobe Flash Player released after february-march 2020 has a timebomb built inside it. the people at Flashpoint don’t know when it goes off, but it’s believed to be some time after December 31st, 2020 but before January 2022.

it causes this image to pop up;


clicking on it results in being directed into a page informing you about Flash’s end of life. it 403s at the moment, but I ensure you that it won’t in the future. if you don’t believe me, you can test it for yourself, or read the logs in the Flashpoint server here.

That’s a very cool find.

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Hey my guy the only solution could be that converting anything to HTML 5 files and nothing will be bad as long as we convert the winks

Nope, the winks need a stamp, you cant modify the cabs and change swf to html5, the only solution is archive a Flash.msi, the msi has all the necessary pack and use browsers compatible with the plugins, for example comodo dragon, palemoon continue to be updated and they have said that they will continue to allow the plugins (comodo dragon is based on chrome)

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