After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


Can We Get Our Hype Hats On?




why not?


I’ve taken the past day to implement custom details for MSN contacts, meaning you can add phone numbers, emails, notes, and more to your contacts. While this isn’t anything special, it took a lot of work to code in, and now I can consider doing the same for Yahoo! with its address book. If you’re interested in using this feature when WLM 2009 comes out, then be prepared. :wink:


i suggest you replace the MSN today fuction as a link to for wlm2009.
also when 2009 is online you must foucus on the ‘‘links’’ we have like the tabs on thw 7.5/8 if you know what i mean.

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Like the little icons at the bottom of the Messenger window?

I tried looking into them, and they used a different system that relies on external servers that have died and have no documentation. I’m still interested in finding out how they worked to reproduce their behaviour on Escargot, but it just doesn’t seem feasible at the moment.


This might increase the database 10 fold. Don’t forget any laws applying to data, people using this server need to be aware of what’s been stored. This will officially become a dangerous area for data protection.

/tin foil hat installed.


If you did you would have said something including evidence when you did it. You could have helped get it working so everyone could use it but nope, no evidence.

I don’t believe you.


I Agree With You Buddy Patience Is Key!


I think you have changed it because I see different links when I login to Escragot.


Good news. @valtron has a more fleshed version of his POC that works with 7.5 - 9.0, which has a repository containing code that’s a bit outdated from the one he has in the works. From downloading the solution, modifying it to what valtron has, and building it myself, it works on said version of Messenger with no flaws. Now WLM 2009 is a different story.

When using the DLL patch, WLM 2009 can connect and authenticate to the alternate server, but it can’t connect to the contact, membership, or profile SOAP services from the alternate server. I suspected it had something to do with wlcomm.exe, the Communications Platform used by Messenger and other Windows Live applications, so I added a DLL import to the same DLL patch in the executable and re-ran Messenger and logged in. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve the problem. I suspect the problem might be from the following:

  • Since wlcomm is a service, services might not be hook-able.
  • A different API is used for connecting to the SOAP servers
  • wlcomm or the contact DLLs try to avoid the hooks

Hopefully the issue is taken care of and release of the WLM 2009/Yahoo!/IRC/API support can be our next course of action.


Turns out wlcomm acts as a COM server for Messenger (and other Windows Live applications) to access SOAP services from one component, so it uses the internet API calls for the SOAP services instead of Messenger. I tried to import the same patch DLL into wlcomm and restart Messenger, but those changes so far did nothing to get the SOAP servers re-routed. So now there are two options left for me and @valtron:

  • In the hook DLL for Messenger, add a function to check if wlcomm is running in the background. If it is, then the DLL adds specific hooks to that executable remotely to re-route the SOAP servers (this might possibly mean making a WLM 2009-specific version of the DLL)

  • Statically patch the URLs in consync.dll and rely on HOSTS to redirect the URLs manually for development.

I’m hoping the first options works out, as it’d ease rerouting the URLs for use on different Escargot instances. However, trying to filter out the SOAP service rerouting just for Messenger is out of the picture now.


very nice!
keep up the hard work!


Personally, I really appreciate the transparency you use in posting every single update about the whole process. Keep up the good work, much love!

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Hype Hats?


What do people want from a messenger? You can send messages and chat lol that does me.


Since i didn’t use WLM 2009 back in is hey day i’m not hyped,i just want to test it and see if it’s cool :slight_smile:


It’s not cool it’s when Microsoft started integrating the Live Essentials stuff! There isn’t really anything different about it.


i’m hyped because WLM 09 is very similar to 11/12
so i wanna try it


i actually think the live essentials stuff was great :thinking: