Aeahello guys i am back

hello yes i am back
i was dead this whole time because I switched to Apple.
anyways sorry guys


Greetings :slight_smile:
What Apple hardware did you switch to?

Welcome back to the forum!

it’s cool! hello again!

I’m using a 2015ish(2016?) Retina MacBook Pro.
I fixed the battery for it in June or May. The battery was expanding I think so I got tools for it to fix it.
I also use a Mac mini(2018 I guess) for more powerful things.

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Neat :slight_smile:

I had the dreaded battery swelling on my Surface Book (also from 2015) recently too. Unlike your MBP, Surfaces have no [official] ability to be repaired, but I attempted it, and was mostly successful (touchscreen isn’t fully working anymore).

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Great for you! :slight_smile:

Sad :frowning:

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It is a bit, but at least it was expected. On Surface devices, the internal components are located directly behind the screen, which is held in place entirely with glue. This means the only way to get inside is to heat the glue up and pry the screen off, an almost impossible task without something breaking. It’s for this reason I’d never recommend to anyone to purchase any of the more expensive Surface hardware, there are better choices.

Replacing the screen is an option now, but it is a relatively expensive part and not needed as the keyboard touchpad still works. Although I do miss being able to press buttons and scroll through documents with my finger.

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