Adding MSN 7.5 to Virtualbox Windows XP

Hello! I am fairly new to Escargot and MSN Emulators, and recently I have been attempting to add MSN to a Windows XP Virtualbox, and while it should be working, despite me patching after install, and reinstalling after reinstall, I continue to get this error message, stating that “MSN is unable to sign me in at this time” due to a server error of some sort. Which should not be happening, because this error message is showing because MSN doesn’t exist any more, even though I have gone through the process many times of using “Run after install”. And before you say it, I am aware this is meant for newer computer systems, however because this is a virtual box, it should be able to run any program despite how modern it is. If any one could know a potential fix, please let me know! Ive added an image of what error message I am receiving. Thank you!

Error Message: 80048820

I have recently also attempted the diasbling TLS, but didn’t work.