Add me -

i lost access to my old account so both people new and old, please add me, thanks :wink:

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do you know your old address? Maybe I’m familiar with it

It seems like you didn’t got to add the differentiated email in time

Well mine used to be
No idea if you remember that address

i do actually, if you provide me with your new account, i’d be glad to talk to you again

Nice, it seems like we found ourselves again
Here it is:
Also do you know who’s the Netscape Navigator user? I used to talk with a lot

@XenoParadox odd enough it still says that I’ve just added you, but I can’t see you online by now
What’s your timezone

Eastern Standard Time

oh it’s just 1 hour ahead
Maybe I am just not sure about your nickname then

Oh wait found ya

add me only if you’re going to talk to me, i have like 50 offline people 24/7