Add me in yahoo! messenger


my name is ppzudo in Y!M add me i Always can talk


Isn’t Yahoo! Messenger dead?


If you aren’t in the know, @Wildman_Fujiami made a private server to revive YMSG, the protocol used to power the (legacy) Yahoo Messenger clients. Currently, it only supports version 6.0 of the client, but there’s probably more to come. Just follow the instructions here: How to patch Yahoo! Messenger 6.0.0, type in some credentials (without even registering :smile:), and you’re in.

Also, some insight, @valtron, I, and presumably the rest of the Escargot team are currently implementing YMSG on Escargot, and plan to start with YMSG9/10 (clients 5.0-5.5) and beyond. So be sure to check in that department. :wink:

EDIT: Yahoo! Messenger is still being maintained by Yahoo! themselves, except that they killed ALL of the working legacy versions off (the last one being Yahoo! Messenger 11), and the new versions, in my opinion, aren’t the best. Not just in UI, but also in functioning correctly (e.g. They killed off contact notifications to notify a user when their contacts have gone online. Why in their right minds would they do that???).


sorry if you find that question dumb but where to create new account for yahoo messenger ? :stuck_out_tongue:


As I stated before, you just type in a username and password, no registration, and you’re all set! :slight_smile:


aaa ok thanks my friend