About Yahoo

Hello,Can someone from here make a video tutorial about the installation of Yahoo because i cant sign in

If you’re talking about @Wildman_Fujiami’s Yahoo! server, it has had its plug pulled for a good while (several months ago). And I can’t blame the owner for doing so. It was REALLY buggy, as in contact management was screwy, and at one point, messaging wasn’t even a thing.

Or else if you’re talking about Escargot’s currently WIP Yahoo! Messenger frontend, it’s still being worked on. Bugs to fix and features to implement. It’s taking time and once we’re all finished testing the server build to check for bugs, it will be live and that time spent to work on the frontend would be time spent well. :slight_smile:

Either way, no Yahoo! servers here rn. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thanks so i have to wait :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Yup. Basically. :stuck_out_tongue: