About Windows Live Messenger 2011/2012 with Facebook Integration Support

After you guys are done with 2009, How will you play out 2011/2012? Those versions have facebook integration and was wondering how you will figure out the idea of the social platform working. If you can’t keep the facebook integration, then make it another place where the forum an be accessible through there and not only the web browser.
It would be a really nice if you could keep it, though.
Anyway, if you can respond i would be glad if you could.

-Mr.Kid :boy:

Seeing as Facebook integration was done completely on the server side without (from what I can guess) any API involvement, that would be impossible. And sadly Facebook doesn’t offer such APIs anyway, so it’s best to leave it unimplemented.

And what do you exactly mean by making the forum “accessible through there”? You mean making the PM feature integrated through 2011/12? Sounds like an interesting idea, and it might be possible, granted that Discourse isn’t too restrictive with its APIs and that WLM wasn’t hardcoded to only support Facebook and LinkedIn chat integration.


Is there a possibility of making s API for YouTube, Dropbox, and GitHub into the IM client?

I don’t even think you can message people from Dropbox and there’s no such feature on GitHub. However, I know YouTube has a private messaging feature, but the last answer still applies. I’d have to see if it isn’t too complex to integrate and also see if it’s possible within the client.

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but the youtube retired the messaging feature…

Oh they did? Looks like it on my end anyway.

Probably means all 3 won’t be making the cut with integration, but forum messaging integration sounds interesting enough to me.

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Oh well, it was worth some kind of shot.
Just wanted to know if the interface wasn’t going to be

Thanks for responding, man!

lol i guess discord integration is possible

i’m curious thought what would be to connect youtube and wlm …

to see your video posts?..