About the MSNP21 Protocol


Is Micro$oft blocking the MSNP21 Protocol? Some bay servers, db3 servers and bn1 servers have a ✘ on MSNP21 Protocol while having a :heavy_check_mark: on port 443, can Jonathan please tell us what is happening with the MSNP21 Protocol? Is it just maintenance? Or is Micro$oft screwing with us again?


i allready said this before, MS is going to take msnp21 down aswell.
With the launch of windows 10 right arround the corner.

it a matter of time, before WLM will be history.



yeah i saw that, but still there are allot of servers still gone.
lets hope they will come back lol.
otherwise i think the msnp21 might be dissapear aswell in the long run.


Skype is MSNP24.