About Butterfly Messenger and Messenger Reviver 2

Hey Jonathan I know that you are developing Butterfly Messenger, and I wish you good luck, however I have some questions:

  1. Will Messenger Reviver 2 be discontinued? Or will you still offer download links to it? Will it still be available for the people who want to use WLM 2012?

  2. Will you patch Messenger Reviver 2 to add handwriting to WLM 2012 someday?


Are we allowed to bump topics? If not then sorry, however I would like to add that I desperately need the handwriting feature in WLM 2012 and my contacts too and unfortunately we cannot find a replacement for it, for the reasons that I already explained in another topic. Unfortunately also we dont like to install/use alpha/beta software on our systems so we currently cannot test Butterfly Messenger. I myself would like to use it, however I saw that Jonathan said in the main blog comments that the button for File Transfer would be removed from Butterfly Messenger, and I need both the File Transfer & Handwriting features at the same time.

I would like to kindly beg you Jonathan, to somehow, if possible, include handwriting in WLM 2012. Sorry to bother you, unfortunately I am really attached to the Handwriting tool in WLM, having used it with my contacts for almost ten years, until the EVIL Microsoft ruined everything.

I would be grateful to you eternally if you manage to include handwriting in WLM 2012, even a simplified and basic version of it with less options would make me very VERY happy (For example: a simple version with only one point size available for drawing, some basic color options and eraser, but without the grid size setting and without the undo and redo functions).

Please be my hero again Jonathan. Please :frowning:

[quote=“Igor84, post:1, topic:198”]
Will Messenger Reviver 2 be discontinued?
[/quote]Nope, Reviver will stay.

[quote=“Igor84, post:1, topic:198”]
Will you patch Messenger Reviver 2 to add handwriting to WLM 2012 someday?
[/quote]Nope, that’s not really possible.

[quote=“Igor84, post:2, topic:198”]
Even a simplified and basic version of it with less options would make me very VERY happy
[/quote]Unfortunately, restoring handwriting isn’t a matter of time or effort. Even the most basic version is virtually impossible. Messenger advertises its ability to receive handwriting to other clients and then they send ink to each other either using a specific object that ends up being either in Microsoft’s own vector format or GIF. Then the client needs to interpret that object and display it in the conversation.

Just like Skype or other clients can’t be patched with custom emoticon support, this feature cannot simply be added back into Messenger. Software either needs to have a full extensibility model (ie. plugins) or have open source code to add features in. I think you would be better off begging Satya Nadella to release the source code :smiley: (not that they ever would).

If you look at highly sophisticated modifications to Messenger like Messenger Plus!, you’ll note that it never added features into the client itself – it just extended what was already there. With that in mind, I think the best you could ever expect is a panel that would input handwriting and then send it as a file/image separately. In which case, you may as well be using Google Hangouts or something similar which already does ink in a better way.

Even though you have no interest in Butterfly, adding in the ink panel into that is relatively easy because there’s source code. However, I think I’d be more apt to use images to send handwriting there too so that it could be seen by non-Butterfly clients.

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