Ability to delete my account on WLM

Last time the topic was brought up was in July 2018, but I really want to move to a new account and the current one I would have would become unnecessary. How long would it take to implement it? :slight_smile:

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There’s already a script in the server’s codebase that deletes accounts, but with some extra handling of forcing your status as offline to other people, it should be doable. As for valtron’s say in this, I’m not sure yet.

Dope! At least it’s there. :smiley:

yeah, I always look for a delete account option whenever I stop using a service or change accounts, because I want to be a nice guy and don’t overload the server with inactive accounts. But it’s hard to find services which gives their users this kind of option, I know I have many inactive accounts in many websites and services that I don’t even remember now, but it’s their fault not mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Any updates?