[•abandonned project•]

With a friend, we had the idea of Rebuilding the old YouTube layout.
You will say that Web Archive already do that stuff, but our goal is to make the old YouTube from 2008 functional, with the ability to publish videos, create an account, sing in a existent account ! Etc… But we can’t do that only if we’re two. We need help !

If you want the development files : http://www.mediafire.com/folder/8rdt4hd4c0h26/OldYoutubeDotCom

Thanks for reading ! :stuck_out_tongue::smile:


I’m interested on the project.

Please add me on Discord since i no longer use that shitty revival.

Discord: placek#9867

I want to inform that there are already 2 old yt clones, www.vidlii.com and bitview.net.


Thanks for info… that means that the project is Cancelled… :frowning:

nope i will make it someday!

it already exists don’t bother


i don’t care

Right, but still, why work on something that many variations of (Zippcast; now defunct) exist?

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so what?

Well, I think it’d be a waste of time.

As the other users mentioned, it has already been done, as “VidLii”. There are “Stylish” plugins to make it look more like classic YouTube, by the way.

I already know

Not you, @Nojus2001.