So i was trying to login on my account and it didnt work,But when i login on the website,i saw that it got compromised!

Please help me with that.


I tried to login then it appears that it has been compromised

Your account has been compromised, you need to reset your password.

what’s problem reset it?

P.S how @Animadoria said that’s not escargot forum anymore so go on escargot forum, NINA(?) or discord if you don’t get help here

But i am banned on discord…

me too and? use escargot forum or NINA (or write to @Animadoria dm)

Change your password.

cough cough but then how to register?

the forum

i cant register

ohh…i think you need escargot account…

Registrations on the forum are closed for now.

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🤦 darn it


even nina :frowning:

so now to register is to… contact you ;-;

No. Registrations are closed for now. It’ll open soon.

congrats your forum has been perma-shutdown

Internal stuff. We didn’t shut down.