A ''WLM 2013'' concept

Hi, I do a concept of WLM 2013
I tried using the Windows 8 metro style in WLM (I did the best I could) :c

(This is in spanish because I speak Spanish)


Nice job. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Metro, you’ve done a good job in closely replicating the style.

Now, if this could be an actual UWP app… :stuck_out_tongue:

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well iam a metro fan so i will say my opinion

THIS LOOK VERY GOOD ! maybe full screen and a live tile can make this better

Está bastante bien en mi opinión :wink:

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

I even made the ‘‘moments’’

to decorate the interface with the styles of the previous wlm but nah … it’s just an idea (I did not have time to finish the first image)

Pinta muy bien!

Que parte ‘‘pinta bien’’?

La que presentas al inicio del foro

Not a metro fan but still great job you have done well! :slight_smile: