A wallpaper for those who still love or miss Windows Vista

Also send me screenshots if you set it as your wallpaper.


my meme is rude but true

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you are comparing xp sp2 with vista rtm
now compare both rtms… you will quickly see both of them lose.
how about you compare xp sp3 with vista sp2 lmao.


comedy king

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My wallpaper means a better one.


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fixed that for you

i’ve both used vista sp2 and xp sp3 on the same machine and i had more issues installing drivers on xp (despite all of my pc parts supporting xp) than on vista

thanks to vista 64-bit being a thing, i could use discord on mypal more smoothly compared to xp 32-bit (xp 64-bit isn’t supported by anything). this is because i can use all of my 8gb of ram compared to being stuck with 3.5gb on xp.

both had the same issue where blockland v20 kept fucking crashing so the conclusion is that windows 7 is better than both.


triggered zzx noises

it’s truth, bro


ok this is true

are you sure?


i’m not so explain it

xp: required to use ethier outdated version of firefox or shitty unstable browser to even do anything noline.

vista: manual patching required (very difficult to do) to use firefox 88

7: still fully supported by firefox

well, i’m sure now. thanks for explain

i fucked up a windows xp install on an old machine just by trying to download half life with bitcomet, ancient avg install kicked in and basically broke the installation up by doing scummy shit.

so yeah, XP isn’t the most stable OS out there

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i think new version of Firefox can be ran on Vista but not on XP
when i get free time i try install last version of Firefox on Vista

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that got discontinued because the developer of pale moon got pissed off.

yiff in hell, moonchild.