A very important message from those guys that use those VMs

So this was sent on my Discord:


and I thought…




also i don’t like sonic

And it was not to everyone i mean that @The_Mr_Invincible and @alivebacon are stupid retards that ruined CollabVM.

Sounds more like a case of “My little safe space is getting popular and I hate it because normies”. Let go of your stupid grudge (which I assume the rest of CollabVM shares) and accept the fact that more people will find CollabVM, whether you or others like them or not. :unamused:


I was a retard and I accidentally gave a link to CollabVM to @alivebacon

and yellows111 too

No he didn’t.

i think this is the reason why i want to leave the MessengerGeek Forums, it’s just that people really get mad at a joke or i dunno (jk im just joking around)

It’s just drama and drama.

not only that, but the forums keep getting boring and boring each day. just like veselcraft said that he got bored of the forum.

@icanttellyou WHY THE FUCK DID YOU MENTION ME TWICE? I DIDN’T FUCKING RUIN COLLABVM besides, you linked me to the ftp archive, NOT collabvm

Apparently sharing a link to their stuff is ruining CollabVM because they’ll know more people will find out about it, and they’re scared of that.


if i was a mod i would close this topic right now

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I have only one choice:
1.delete the site from my bookmark bar
2.try to forget it (if it doesn’t work try step 3)
3.use an antivirus and add the page as a malicious page

As far as I know, there’s no way you can add a clean page as malware to an antivirus :stuck_out_tongue:
Some antivirus programs allow you to block specific websites and keywords (such as Avast). However, if you do not use Avast or any antivirus that provides this feature, it is easier to lock the site in the Windows hosts file :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it me or icanttellyou is trying to be August 2018 me?

body memes unclear