A Spanish technology website says that Escargot's installer has a trojan

Translated to english here: Alguien ha revivido el mítico MSN Messenger para que puedas enviar zumbidos

fake news i guess

Do they have proof
At all

I’ve counted some of the links, There’s a link to Valtron’s repo, A official link to the download. Apparantly, Only this probably-flawed anti-virus app called “Zillya” detected it as a patched Trojan.

I read the article, but I think having that as the title is kind of clickbait :confused:

For sure I never trust amateur softwares at 100%…so I’ve installed it on a VM.
It doesn’t means I found that Escargot installer has a trojan.

I love these click bait websites.
Now seriously…a random noname antivirus software detects it has a “PATCHED” trojan then its a big virus? Omg… And whats with other antiviruses? Bitdefender? Kasperksy? etc…

If the dear article writer does not trust in Escargot, just patch himself manually the MSN…

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FYI, the patched client software we distribute is just repackaged official MSN binaries with URL or small changes to other components it uses (granted we use a custom msidcrl login DLL for 7.5+ but trust us that it works well enough and doesn’t do anything weird, and we’ll be revising patches soon after our new release where we won’t have to patch official MSN stuff directly)