A simple batch file thats allow you to get your Discord locked in 14 days, also this is why Discord Age Verify sytem is broken (and abused)

this is why the feature sucked and really buggy (yes the Report broken), this is worse than going to #nsfw channel.

Just a fucking simple Batch/Powershell file.


  • and yes i am a 13 year old, plus I used BetterDiscord aswell, this comments looks true

BONUS: I have recreated my old Discord account using the same Locked Discord account email and its works. (i atleast dont care since i didnt use it for too many fucking servers, most of my friends are underaged, and some not).

discord sucks, use hangouts or my Coming soon AirMessage server

im will gonna try AirMessage once its released.

i have a hacker friend Angshu which litterally abuses Discord in any way u think, pf94 didnt trust me, if anyone wanna test it yourself, just tell me

not wanna testing it but ok

I just use BD for themes.

just make an alt

Same, I use BD for Themes, also I use Plugins such as BlurNSFW, AccountDetailPlus, StatusEverywhere (plugin is now broken), etc…

will he harm my account, i have alteast 3 alts, and all connect to the community server from my friend.

or maybe just create one with fake mail?

he has several exploits that can harm yourself (getting ip from sending message/u joining calls or steal your account without u downloading shit) but i can ask him to only show the non-harmful ones (like joining servers with bots without the owners/admins inviting it, etc)

all right i’m going to join
im just brush me teeth so yeah.

fuck it im going to log with my main acc, recaptcha bugged.