A Question

I can anyway log in to wlm 2011 with wlm 2009 local server?
because it uses the same protocoll, as 2009.

i have yesterday logged in and partially works.

But now it crashes all the time on vm, when i try to log in
and all of the msn clients on my vm is crashing or it says: The log in is failed, because the service is temporaly unavaiable. Help!!!

No WLM 2009 use MSNP18 and WLM 2011 use MSNP21

But i have logged in yesterday!!!

You not belive…



But you cant do pretty much anything on WLM '11 at the moment.

2011 can sign in with MSNP18

yeah i know

how can i sign in with msnp18?

it does it automaticlly

i cant try it on my win 10 pc
because it cant install all the time
in the vm all the live essential programs are crashing…
When i try to log in in the vm to the wlm, then it crashes.
Any idea?

try reinstalling it, or making a new server.
also wlm 2011 doesn’t work on 8.x - 10 because they encrypt RST requests, 2012 fixes that.

i have tried to reinstall. nothing works
i try to make a new server, but its 100% doesnt work, because not only the wlm but also the windows live mail crashes all the time.
But i can try wlm 2012?

yeah, it uses the same protocols as 2011 (which means its also backwards compatible with MSNP18), so try it