A problem with Escargot's Discord server

I’m a new user here, on MessengerGeek. I’ve come here to ask Escargot’s Discord server moderators for a solution.
For whatever reason, an invite link from Ecargot website doesn’t work, both on my main and twink account. Which is funny, because I didn’t joined Escargot server before and my Discord account was only created recently, on December 4th.
I guess, it might be an IP-ban issue. If it is, please, unban my IP-address.

Thank you very much,

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try to send invite link in discord client somewhere, it would say or you banned or something.

The problem is still the same, but with a different error.
Screenshot 2023-12-29 120348

Well, you was banned for something, and i have no idea for what

I probably was banned back in 2020 or 2021 because of being underage. Now I’m more than 13 years old. I request an unban.

just join the server from library computer or mobile data, you’ll not be punished if you open discord with server already joined l8r

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I tried to join the server on my mobile phone using mobile data instead of a Wi-Fi internet connection. It’s now gives an error claiming that the server’s link from Escargot website is expired.