A Node.JS MSNP server

I’ve spent the last two months learning and developing with the MSNP protocol and I’ve gotten to a point where there is basic NS and SB functionality. It doesn’t have Tweener Authentication at the moment, so it only works with the clients that support MD5.

I want to work on it more and maybe then I’ll decide to “release” it. If you’re a programmer, I’d suggest you tinker around with the MSNP protocol, it’s fun!



you should maybe put that on github, this somewhat interests me

are calls supported?

My code is “iffy” and there’s some stuff I still want to work out, when I believe I’m finished. Then maybe.
I also just got somewhat basic “TWN” authentication done!

So, from what I’ve seen, I don’t think calls rely on the server. The server negotiates the request (Client 1 sends a request to Client 2 for a voice chat session) and the response (Client 2 accepts Client 1’s request). What happens after that is entirely to them. I’m pretty sure this is why you can’t voice chat unless you and your other principal has their firewalls configured in a specific way.