A new plan :p (for my VM's)

so I had my Windows 7 VM for a while now but I’m currently taking a break from it that doesn’t mean I’m throwing the VM away I’m still going to keep it as for now I’ll be working on my other projects in mind and who knows there are some new stuff cooking up :stuck_out_tongue: here is a hint I’m making some NEW VM’s and they will be a vista and an XP one
For now I won’t accept anydesk connections on my win7 VM (sorry @mina354 )
oh and suggestions won’t be accepted during this time
The VM will be resumed on 2/2/2024

if u guys have questions abt this u can ask here

I’m making a new Vista edition named Vista Integral Edition.

Edition:Business SP2 x64
Software:Extended kernel,Legacy Update.

I can share the ISO if it’s done or upload anywhere.

oh thanks that would help alot!

smol bump*