A message to trekie

Hello @TReKiE :slight_smile:

I wanna beg you a thing

Can you please delete all my alts? I’m being bored of it

Alts i wanna get deleted:

@PedroxTheBest , @PedroxTheBest999 , @PedroxTheBestFUCKDOWN , @PedroxTheBest2 , @PXPedrox

Alts i DON’T wanna get deleted

@P3Rox (me) and @Pedroxz (idk who’s him, prob pedropt on MG discord )

The FUCKDOWN account appears to be already deleted. Also people already know that PedroXZ is not you.

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You forgot PedroxTheBest3 :stuck_out_tongue:
They’ve been removed from view.

I would appreciate it if you would not make any more accounts.


ok thanks

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