A good browser that is compatible with Windows Vista and lower

Hello, it is nice to be using Messengergeek on the Windows Vista via the Supermium browser which is a chromium based browser. And this is really fun, and it is the best way to use Windows Vista, it is also usable from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, and for more information please check this video on YouTube as of this date. https://youtu.be


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Here is the video for more information, it is all thanks to Adventures in Nostalgia for sharing this video to the public, and it is also credit to the guy who published it on Github. GitHub - win32ss/supermium: Chromium fork for Windows Vista, 7 and 8.x

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unfortunate my laptop is slow enough to say that this browser can fry my laptop

Though if you’re using a SSD to an old laptop in general it could run better and faster.

yeah probably, but I would have to find one with a good price and idk if that will be easy

Is your laptop hard to replace the hard drive s new laptop?

it’s like from 2007

But I haven’t used it for a while

Though old laptops are easy to replace, isn’t it?

Ig it’s actually easy

the problem would be to reinstall everything once again, but I think IDE SSDs are natively working on XP

Yes indeed, it is nice to have an old laptop, when did they stop making laptops with internal floppy disk drive in general?

idk it has some odd SSD Card slot with like 6 variations available

For WinXP i use MyPal 68 and NewMoon

bro it even cant run MG because of discourse :skull: