A Friend Can't Install Messenger Plus

We tried compatibility mode and pretty much everything we could think of. No error code or message, it just doesn’t work.

try running as administrator if they’re on windows vista or later

don’t you think we would’ve already tried that

turn it off and on again idk what else

Have you tried disabling the AntiVirus :stuck_out_tongue:

d o n t y o u t h i n k w e w o u l d v e a l r e a d y t r i e d t h a t

Well I’m just asking, look up at event viewer and find related errors to Messenger Plus! just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

wow suprise xpcat is suddenly kinda an edgelord, thats what puberty does to ya folks

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He’s an edgelord because you guys.aren’t barely really giving his friend support?

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