A cool video with

why did you post this

Vinesauce ripoff? where?

Holy shit is this joel from the past?

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To the original uploader of the video

I’m just loving the rank smell of VISTA SUCKS VISTA SUCKS VISTA SUCKS VISTA SUCKS without substantial evidence other than Oh it takes forever for it to do X and him complaining that he could only change the resolution via Control Panel, when the “Personalize” strip in the right-click menu was in front of his face in the beginning of the video (although I will admit the constant UAC prompts are annoying, but as for the hardware stuff, I haven’t seen if it affects the OS really).

One, regarding the installation part of the video, what are you expecting from a fresh installation of a new OS? I’ve installed several Windows OSes that aren’t Vista, and they take some time, and when I did install Vista, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me. Two, I’ve had better experience with Vista. Plus him running it in a VM doesn’t help, since VMs emulate OSes to near perfection, but it’s not 100% guaranteed. I can pretty much deduce that this person is following the blind Vista hate train, which frankly sickens me now.

Also, this video is basically the Vargskelethor clone starter pack. :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve had great experiences with vista, though, i cant say for installing drivers on RTM.

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vista always worked just fine to me , it just … works and also vista is pretty

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I actually love the look of vista, even a bit more than win7.

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