A bug to msn messenger

Problem description:
the problem is actually all fine, except one thing, if i go to any contact that i wanna chat, it required me to go in google/firefox/outlook, for some reason, its a big bug.

What has been tried so far:
i tried to change the compality of the msn messenger, but nothing works
Messenger version:
Windows version:

Are you sure the user is online? By default, a conversation window won’t open unless they’re online.

You can workaround this however, if you press ALT key or if you have the menu open already, choose the Actions menu, and then “Send an Instant Message…”, then click the Other tab in the window that appears, then type their e-mail address, and then choose OK. That’ll pop up the conversation window with the user.

can it work in offline users or no
edit: YOUR AN GENIUS! IT WORKS!!! :smiley:
best mod ever

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