81000306/80004005 Server rejection?


My version of MSNLIVE messenger is : Ver. 2009 (Build 14.0.8117.416)

First sign in attempt at starting MSN live messenger i get: error 81000306, I retried again… Got error 80004005.

Now my question is: Who has gotten this error and my main question is… has anyone gotten the same test results from tools/connection connection Troubleshooter and tested to find out Key Ports are not working?

Now here is something else that is interesting: when I click on Advance settings… I test the TCP connection and the results are all Green… meaning it stats that I am ready and able to connect to messenger.

“Success, you can connect to the Windows Live Messenger service.”

I even test the HTTP proxy and it states the same results that I’m able to connect.

It is if like the server it self is actively rejecting login from the client side completely.
Let me know your thoughts guys:

Kind regards,

P.S with this service now rejecting MSNLive Messenger clients: people using MSN Gaming Zone (zone.MSN.com) we can no longer play multiplayer games that allows you to play with a friend… This is lame :l Still cannot believe Microsoft would disable a feature that is a Requirement for Zone.


Same problem here.


Yes, I have a problem,
The solution is to download a tool Messenger Reviver 2

Add me msn : VvF@Hotmail.com


I could not and is now giving another error 80082efd .


2009 no longer works. However, I’m curious where on the Zone is Messenger is still used? I thought such functions were removed a long time ago.

Edit: Found it on your other post. I had no idea they were still doing that.