7.5 MSN call problem

after a friend and me decided to use msn 7.5 because we can make calls on that way we tried our first call…but when i called him messenger says ‘‘You have invited feranthony65@gmail.com to start a voice conversation. Wait for the response or click cancel (Alt + Q) to stop the pending invitation.’’ and that is good signal but my friend says he doesnt receive invitation…he tried sending me too but nothing…if somebody can help us it was a pleasure


@TReKiE can you figure out what it could be ?

sorry bro i cant…i dont understand because i made good all the steps to have msn

calls don’t work.

i dont understand…i was reading a post about it…

the post says ‘‘calls doesnt work on wlm 2009…only on 7x’’

they dont work on any version

k bro thx for helping me

pd:sorry for late answer