2GB limit for Vista Starter?

This is more of a general question about Windows again, but I’ve been actually having some programs that are actually compatible with Windows Vista and above, but I’m likely to say that I would keep Windows XP if I had a genuine copy at home, but unfortunately I don’t have the legal rights to do that (as I’ve said, I’m avoiding as much piracy as possible); but I have installed it so I can repair and do some tests before moving on to Windows Vista Starter.

But then there is the problem; Windows Vista Starter only supports up to 1GB of RAM, which is not what I was looking for (considering that the laptop has 2GB and it’s a great amount for Vista)

Does anybody knows if there is a work around for it? I’m pretty fine with the other limitations tho

According to this blog, the memory limit was never enforced.

I decided to try it myself in a VM, and sure enough:

It shows as having the full 4GB of RAM, a quick little exe I made to use up 1.5GB of memory, did so without any modification, and usage is almost 2GB.

Even shows all the CPU cores.

The three program limit is definitely there though:

Oh, that’s actually pretty cool, I’m gonna install it tomorrow or today

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Thank you very much for the screenshots, now I knew what Bitmap 184 in Vista’s explorer.exe is used for :stuck_out_tongue:


That makes two of us :stuck_out_tongue:.
I knew there was a watermark but I didn’t realize (or forgot) that was how it appeared.

I was thinking earlier today about how there was probably a situation where the marketing team requested the 1GB limit, and the core/kernel team answered with, “lets not do that and just say we did.”

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Maybe it was just some manufacturer stuff idk, because I think Windows 7 Starter does actually have a limit, right?

Also, what happens when you substitute a file of Bitmap 184?


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Seems so, 2GB (yet same hardware specs as the other):

I tried an executable that uses up 2.5GB of memory to see how it would react, it crashed.


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