16 useful scripts for MSN Plus!

As we know, there’s a topic Scripts for MSN, with many scripts (around 463), but unfortunately many of them are not compatible with wlm 8.5 or not even works anymore.

Today, I collected some useful (not FUN) scripts, which probably it helps your WLM life easier :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Always on Top
    If you want a chat window keep on top on your screen, this script will help you. It has two options as well.
    Download: Always-On-Top-1.0.plsc (37.2 KB)

  2. Always Typing
    This script can be useful for you if you thinking a lot on a message and you take same breaks middle of typing for some reason. It just shows you’re always typing and that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:
    Download: AlwaysTyping-1.4.plsc (2.2 KB)

  3. Automatic Name Color Change
    This script helps you in if you change your status like to busy or etc, your name’s color will change as well. For example, if you’re online then your name will be green, if busy then red and etc.
    image image
    Download: Automatic-Name-Color-Change-1.00.plsc (1.0 KB)

  4. AutoSendError
    There’s a moment when you send a message to your partner, but you get back an error message. That’s can be annoying. But with this script’s help if you get an error message, it’ll send it automatically again 'til you won’t get back an error message again.
    Download: AutoSendOnError-1.0.plsc (5.0 KB)

  5. Birthday Reminder
    If you have lot of contact but your memory is too bad like mine, this script will help you to remind your partners birthday.
    image image
    Download: Birthday-Reminder-1.1.plsc (15.3 KB)

  6. Brb status
    If you write brb your status will set to Be right back.
    Download: Brb-Status-1.0.0.plsc (856 Bytes)

  7. Capitaliser
    With this script your sentence will start with uppercase letter.
    image >> image
    Download: Capitaliser-1.0.plsc (836 Bytes)

  8. Chat Window Functions
    It has a lot of functions. You can add custom commands, change status when you say some custom words, notes of tabs etc.
    image image

Download: Chat-Window-Functions-2.00.plsc (42.1 KB)

  1. Computer Details
    If you would share your system preferences, here you go: Chat-Window-Functions-2.00.plsc (42.1 KB)
    (I couldn’t take a screenshot from it, cause for some reason the script doesn’t work for me for no reason. But it should for you.)

  2. CTRL+W Closer
    To close a chat Window/tab just press CTRL+W and your window will be closed. Like in your browser.
    Download: Ctrl-W-Closer-1.10.0018.plsc (3.0 KB)

  3. Group Chat Blocker
    If you hate group chats due to nudge spams, and etc with this script you can ignore them.
    Download: Group-Chat-Blocker-1.0.plsc (954 Bytes)

  4. Link Saver
    If you want to save some links from your partner, you can use this script. At every link sharing you’ll get a pop up window where you can save the links.
    Download: LinkSaver-1.215.plsc (10.7 KB)

  5. Mini chat
    If you don’t want to use the original window screen, you can use a mini window to chat.
    Download: MiniChats-1.0.plsc (5.7 KB)

  6. Music Logger Plus
    If you’re interested in what kind of songs your partners like, now you can log them.
    Download: Music-Logger-Plus-4.0.1.plsc (13.6 KB)

  7. No More Credit Card Warning
    If you hate the credit card warning message, with this script you can hide them.
    Download: NoMoreCreditCardWarning-1.10.plsc (1.3 KB)

  8. Nick Saver
    If you frequently change your name, but sometimes you put to older one, then this script will help you a lot. It saves your previous names.
    Download: NickSaver-1.00.plsc (2.8 KB)

I hope these scripts will useful for you, If you have a favourite script as well, just send it there :slight_smile:

Best wishes,