10 Fun facts about Microsoft

Everybody we know what Microsoft is and what represents in the world now, but you knew some of this curious facts about Microsoft?

  1. The first mention of Micro-soft: it was in 1975 in a letter sent by Bill Gates to co-founder Paul Allen. Officially, Microsoft was registered in November 1976 in New Mexico, where he worked until 1986 when he moved to his current campus in Redmond.

  2. The Windows startup sound was composed by Brian Eno: the brain behind the music starting Windows 95, is a famous composer who worked with David Bowie and U2.

  3. Microsoft’s favorite food is pizza: it is the most consumed in the cafeterias and restaurants of its campus. The two most consumed beverages are milk and orange juice.

  4. Microsoft uses a code name for its products: what goes on sale is a Windows 95 or Windows Vista, but other code names such as ‘Longhorn’, ‘Lone Star’ or ‘Vienna’ are used within the company. Wikipedia has a complete list in List of Microsoft codenames.

  5. The average employee: he is 38 years old, he is a man and his average salary is 106,000 dollars per year. Microsoft currently employs 88,180 people.

  6. Microsoft celebrates anniversaries with M & M’s chocolates: a small tradition in the company is to carry a package of M & M’s for each year worked. Anniversaries are celebrated with sweets.

  7. Microsoft has divided its original shares nine times: that is, a Microsoft action of 1986 is divided into nine parts today. So if a share in Microsoft’s stock market of 1986 remained intact today it would be worth about $ 6,000 (then it was $ 21).

  8. Microsoft has a large art collection: it has more than 5,000 works of art. Sculptures, paintings, photographs, ceramics, etc. As much of local artists as of some stars like Cindy Sherman, Chuck Close or Takashi Murakami.

  9. Microsoft asks strange questions in job interviews: the company has a reputation for asking strange things in order to evaluate the creativity of its candidates. It does not ask “how do you see yourself in five years”, but “how would you design a coffee machine to be used by astronauts”.

  10. Microsoft has more than 10,000 patents: most are related to software aspects. If an employee manages to patent something, the company gives him a plaque and $ 1,500.





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