Zzx have mental and racial issues

In my personal opinion this tread is not needed, you should talk with him on DMs or just block him.

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trolls like me have gray color,so racism issues

he got suspended, if geekia (yeah, that shitstorm) was still alive then i would have some juicy proof for him being toxic

he send this in dm


“wah post must be 3 characters” - this forum

Meh, this is just the windows XD argument from last week. Repeated yet again.

except with way less braincells involved


we are infected with diavolo virus, we are getting the same problems everytime

That’s what i meant! you should just carry on without making a thread.

He’s suspended, everybody should calm down. If you see a troll do not start fight with him, just report to us. Be a mature and nice.

Have the best.