You can't log into Escargot Spaces


It turned into a about:blank page.

I saw my fake beta news and i want to acess it. nope. about:blank.

Also what is wrong with the icon? It’s a fn icon. for some random service that hosts like .cf sites.


Try accessing Escargot Spaces via its new URL: Everything’s fully functional there.


very weird. looks like that… Fake Beta News is still there? i thought the backup dated from september. which only had the blog-rappa.


@MichaelPower had somehow gotten a database backup with everything on it at the time, so that should explain everything. :stuck_out_tongue:



oh no

oh noooooooooo


Its working for me now !


Honestly, I think Micheal should’ve either implemented a script on the old site and make it redirect to or just shut down the domain entirely.


Ok now i’m able to loggin but after my page appears like that


That’s a part of the dashboard bug, and I plan to figure out what’s causing that as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


if anyone asks why i despise reasonably selenium read this here

(rebelcent is an organization i founded and its generally media-based)

and also this pastebin link


I just tested it and it should be redirecting… I’ll play around with it later.


Right now, it just stuffs the new site into an Iframe, so maybe that could be replaced with a PHP script that 301 redirects a visitor to