Yet another Minecraft server

Yes, I guess we needed one.
This is really just a creative server.
Version: 1.15.2
Powered by a dedicated toaster that I have and not a free server host

install protocolsupport, so fucking 1.4 can connect

can’t right now and using 1.4? are you serious?
that would be weird as hell

no i use 1.8.9 or 1.12.2 mainly

atm use 1.15.2 will get viaversion stuff later as I’m on a phone rn

I might as well switch to modded survival if that’s what people like

Ehhh some people have potatoes, also I like creative.

alright; ill probably be able to get viaversion/rewind/backwards working tomorrow because nobody here has 1.15.2

I used 1.15.2, people have potatoes that can’t even handle 1.15+

Correction, 1.13+ because everyone has a toaster that cannot do lwjgl3

Well 1.15+ needs OpenGL 2.0, and some can run 1.13+

Well crap, it appears that my laptop is another toaster that cannot run 1.15.2 - any buildings yet?

my parkour course

This house

This thing

And something what I call “The Rooms”


most people here use 1.12.2 or 1.8.9, i want 1.12.2

@InSanic and whoever can’t use 1.15.2, ViaVersion should now work

now i get this

Just a question, is there anti-grief in this server? Because it’s a creative server, thus greifing is easy.