Yahoo messenger 7.0 in existing server


maybe we can do a yahoo Messenger reviver like nessenger reviver ( its possible make he connect to the yahoo Messenger 0.8.288 server ? )


That would be cool. I like Yahoo messenger as the old version. which version was the last one? I don’t remember the number and i’m too lazy to look. :laughing:


That’s a good idea. It would save me patching it myself it the registry. I’ve never really touched the registry editor before and I am scared I’ll mess up my PC in some way so it would be great to have a simple program to do every thing for me, because I’m really lazy.


the newest one is 0.8.288


Thanks @Machintosh_Lapfan 0.8.288 was the best I believe. it had music player and games attached to it.


i’m willing to bet the protocol has changed too much for this to be feasible… :hushed: