XP Live Or Xpria

  • XP Live
  • Xpria
  • Other Name
  • FrenchyXP

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Choose what name what the fuck

its you who change that

Call it choose what name

the fuck dude


it’s an option for propositions

ok, “choose what name” is a better option. XPRIA reminds me of that fucking portable playstation console is too simillar to a line of phones that SONY makes. and “XP Live” has been done to death.

and “FrenchyXP” sounds like a name of a object show channel.

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I call it “loaded with malware”

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**** you tailsfan

What does that mean!?

If i censored you know what is it

“tailsfan” lmao


Edit: accidentally said buh

what if i can call you a buh from now on for the love of god it is ALLOWED to swear but not intense, like grow the fuck up people