XP Live 2: Release

Hello, Welcome to this topic, if you’re here, it’s for downloading it I guess? Well it has been released by me!

XP Live is a pack for win xp by the way.

Thanks spudpiggy for having me ideas
Also thanks to the entire MG, I mean most of MG



and the password? :smiley:

there is no password to it unless you mean extracting it, if there is a password, tell us pls shadow

Vriska is the password

Also I knew there was a password, but I added for not adding virus and reposting

Mine says passwords are incorrect

do minuscules

incorrect again…

I tried vriska In minuscules

Oh I’m sorry for offended you, I mean try vriska in lowercase

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no you didnt offend me btw yes i found it

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I also sneak something

    1. 90s 20s

Will make sense later

I saw a screen shot and Opera, really? Plus all the programs are in French even though this is an English speaking forum, 7zip instead of WinRAR, and there seems to be zip files that have something to do with parappa.
Let this be a lesson people, download your own programs, it’s not that fucking hard.

I’m sorry Bob but

  1. Old versions.com won’t work on my pc

  2. I gave them a chance to understand a new language that I spoke
    3.if at least the program works, it’s not fake ad

  3. 4

I programmed this when pf94 was still a parrapa fan

Opéra is a beast

7zip is better

Bob, I want to clarify that criticizing the people who have been
working hard on something that helps is not nice, especially when I had to have a sleepless night.
Okay I challenge you to find all the faults of the program, thank you
If you find every errors in xplive, you’re hired to work with me