XP LIVE 2 coming soon

remember xp live? It’s back! Tomorrow

Rappelez vous de XP Live ? C’est de retour ! Demain

Sorry for no explanation of XP Live :pray:


ok i wait :hugs:

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it’s taking long to upload on mega.nz…

oh and it’s not disrespectful if i talk in my native language? (french)

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ca ne derange personne?

also jarhead, where yours xp pack?

its already been out… for like 2 months

yeah but it’s d o w n now



With the translate button being there, it’s not that big of a deal. But you might want to consider your target audience before deciding on using non-English. Most people will simply ignore languages they don’t understand, and as such, you severely limit who will read your messages and respond to them by using French.