Wtf happened to Google chrome


You need to update Chrome to v. 69 first.


reminds me of firefox (sort of).


I actually really liked this new update, it’s kinda fast (just a little bit) and i like the new design :wink: it’s weird, it’s like they do horrible stuff and later they fix it and left it better than before (except YouTube)


If you want to get the old look download My Pal and Chrome theme and be happy


He uses Windows 7, I recommend use Pale Moon :stuck_out_tongue:


Material Design 2 (yes, it’s it is it’s name) in current state is shit. Pretty unfinished for now.


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Thats for Windows XP. But Pale Moon is for Windows 7 RTM, but the new version of Pale Moon uses some modern firefox code. So it might not support Windows 7 RTM.


i tested pale moon on RTM and it works