Wt* kaspersky is doing

kaspersky just taskkilled msn messenger ! 7.5


No kaspersky deleted it too!

Good joke. I’ve been using Kaspersky for 3 years and it never happened to delete Messenger or an image file.

i don’t use any antiviruses, except windows defender (when i used win10)

It could have been a false flag. Same thing happens with a lot of indie games on most antiviruses.


sorry if it’s in french

Yeah it could just be a false flag. I don’t use Kaspersky, personally, but I haven’t had any detection from Malwarebytes or Bitdefender (when I still had it installed)
There’s also a website you can use if you’re still not sure, https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload . It scans files with like 50 different antiviruses. Keep in mind that some antiviruses can still false flag it, just use your head a little. If like 48/50 antiviruses don’t flag it, it’s like 99% of the time fine.

click “Allow and add to exclusions” aka “Autoriser et ajouter aux exclutions”

its probably 100000% false positive

Thats why i dont use AVs (exept when i got the “Jeefo” virus, it multiplicates itself to other files -_-)

just 1 false positive dosent mean every av is bad. avs arent perfect.

i know you didnt say avs are bad im just sayin

the best antivirus is you (no but yes but actually no)

True, Luis Agner Claro (tech youtuber, and was on an VTV/SBT intrevist) says that, no av is perfect