[WRONG, I WAS WRONG] The end could be near for escargot? (in my opinon)

i logged to escargot and i saw an ad for nina

it’s just an ad for their patreon.

i spotted “msn messenger” in the “early access to nina services” part of the ad.

seems like they’re going to replace escargot?

Just my guess, but I would imagine Escargot would be one of the “services”.


Don’t worry. It’s just ads

Just click on the ad and then you will see escargot is not ending

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NINA and Escargot are separate services and will stay like that for the foreseeable future. Sorry if I didn’t make that fact clear enough in the ad. I’ve submitted a revised version of this ad clearing that up. (I am the creator of that particular Patreon ad)

Rest assured, Escargot is not going away any time soon. In fact, it’s expanding even more, with the upcoming Escargot Live features.

icty leaked screenshots of the Nina discord talking shit about me (possibly because this was on messengergeek and not their hella-dead “forums”)

I know this thread was dumb and all (they even had to revise the advert because of how retarded I was)

I joined their discord (which went into a massive transformation) and I noticed that people like xpuser left (not on his alt?) but gogo (some bob pony fag from 2016) was there.

I left that shit since I didn’t really wanted to be part of escargot NINA’s community, and it didn’t feel right.

to clarify, no, I’m not some retarded 12 year old child who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’m an escargot OG from 2017.

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what do you mean “Services”?

Yahoo (and maybe AIM?) for a start, so there’s multiple services, plus the Live thing that FairPlay mentioned above (I’m guessing for Live Spaces/Live Social-type replacements).


tbh i think they should’ve have like rewritten escargot so it’s not some unstable python mess

this would also made better integration with the NINA services, and not cause the servers to die every hour

here’s the screenshot btw

the best part about this is that everyone forgot i was PF
if someone said i was gamerappa then he’d probably go “oh is that the fucker i doxxed 5 years ago” or some shit LOL

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It’s been far more reliable since more memory was allocated. Like with many hyper high-level languages, memory requirements for python are pretty steep.

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why? why? just why? why nina is partnering with escargot, you know walkingphaser banned like 100 million times and i’m finally 13

well i noticed after NINA basically took over escargot (since the former 2017-2020 escargot team disbanded) stuff went more stable

yet for some reason they made escargot now closed source? none of the gitlabs seem to be updated

post-close update: they actually did, and apparantly it’s because of anima?

walkingphasers left the escargot team and he just gave it to the nina team

it might have been because you were annoying (at least, that’s far the reason why you were banned on my discord)

wow, he enforced the rules of a discord server, such a sin!!!111111
also i already shown you why you were banned, you spammed the hard r, and was just generally annoying

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i’m 72% sure it will be updated after escargot.live comes out, it’s not closed source. if it was, then literally one of the main points on the homepage would not apply anymore.