Wow! My internet is so fast! lol

my internet speed are image

Oh :confused:

That’s to be expected, considering you are connected through Ethernet.

Im on my phone

That is clearly a computer. Or is your phone so powerful that it is capable of running XP?

Lol i share my phone internet with my, pc

you ain’t got s##t on one of @xsychoreese’s friends mobile connection

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Then why does it show the Ethernet icon? :thinking:

that’s actually normal for tethers, it’s the (NDIS) tether driver, it’s a standard for android usb.

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I think I get it.

this is impossible , not even a samsung galaxy S9 is capable of running windows xp

I know. I was being sarcastic.

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i know :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t forget my ethernet speeds


cough cough

ZenPhone 2 would like a word with you.

oh boy , you think that zenphone 2 can run windows xp ? no way

First you need a x86 Android device. Or use Windows 10 ARM :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it can. Turns out the name is actually ZenFone 2.

The last one isn’t using SPICE for display. Instead, it’s using VNC, which would explain all of the lag.