Would AIM be compatible with Escargot? Doubt so

AIM is a interesting Instant Messenger application. I think some people may wonder if Escargot would support AIM, however, I’d doubt so, judging by how AIM works too differently from MSN/YIM.


AIM has no “status text”, compared to MSN, it has profiles, which are more simillar to HTML but uses AIM’s markdown. However, they can’t be converted to status text without overflowing. My solution is so that non-AIM users can access a AIM-user’s profile with a status like this

This user is currently using AIM, to check their profile, go to (link)
However, i don’t know if that’ll work

Lack of Nudges/Buzzes

MSN has Nudges, Yahoo has Buzzes, AIM has… nothing…

I mean, i don’t really have a solution other than to trigger a error for MSN/Yahoo users that the user is currently using AIM, or just send “name has sent you a nudge/buzz!”

Buddy Names =/= Emails and Usernames

They work too different than what MSN and Yahoo have. Underscore names worked fine on 5.9, but as when i got to 4.7, AIM locked itself up telling me a name was invalid.

Also, MSN allows the user to put emoticons on their username. This would mess up buddy lists. even then, even if we made it so that buddy list names were the first part of the email (firstpart@secondpart.2nd), however, what if two people had the same first part, but different second part? that wouldn’t work, and we can’t assign a number (a la ICQ) because it would overflow one point in the future.


This is one of the unique AIM features that i know no other IM has. This won’t work on Escargot because of it only being in AIM.


It’ll be difficult for implementing AIM support on Escargot, however, it’ll be nice to see a alternative to iwarg’s aim server that crashes every once in a while.


You honestly do bring up some good points about AIM and MSN not really interoperating well. In fact, three years ago I was thinking of having Escargot have different protocols work on different systems and accounts to maximize compatibility with other users and have each frontend utilize as many feature sets the original implementations had. So you’d have your MSN frontend with MSN accounts and features, your Yahoo frontend with Yahoo! accounts, AIM frontend with AIM accounts and a screenname system, and so on. Unfortunately, this was before I was aware of valtron’s actual goals, which are to weave all these protocols onto one backend and make them communicate with each other through a translation layer, which sounds interesting in concept (and makes AIM support technically possible), but has a lot of technical flaws and disadvantages people that just want to use their specific IM service with contacts on said service. valtron’s version of this idea won’t even let the server announce when someone’s on a frontend different from the one you would be currently on (not that doing it would be much of a breeze anyway). Needless to say your thread has some valid criticisms. I’d like to interject into some regardless.

TBH I see status messages and AIM profiles as two completely different things (think of a Facebook profile with a one-line status and bio; bad example but meh). Sure, people who use AIM to add their profile message will be disadvantaged when it comes to people on other frontends (especially with valtron’s implementation), but in the end it’s something we have to risk leaving out on other frontends.

I actually considered doing something like that when I thought about how the AIM frontend would work (if it ever comes to fruition).

Now that you bring it up yeah there’s the fact that some valid symbols in e-mail addresses (aka “MSN handles”) are invalid on AIM (underscore, much?). I know that with the Yahoo frontend I went around the “Yahoo IDs being simple usernames” issue by making it so that users with @yahoo.com emails can only log in with the first part of that email (like how it was intended to work) while other users have to use their full email. I talked about that issue regarding AIM specifically with valtron a while ago, and he said he’d be fine with trying to introduce the option of separate screennames for accounts. Not sure how that’d go down though. Hopefully it can be figured out before we go ahead with developing the frontend.

I actually think that’d be something useful to broadcast throughout all frontends, but how I see it, that’d be impossible to do seamlessly. For now that’d probably just stay on the AIM frontend.

To sum my thoughts all up, technically it’s not impossible for AIM to be implemented on Escargot. But with the model valtron wants to go with for the project, there are a few roadblocks with the way AIM handles things and just AIM-specific features in general that’d make it not so seamless with other frontends.


Thank you. I’d understand why Yahoo! is more simpler to code for than AIM, that’s because back then, YIM developers were making YIM look more simillar to MSN, or, it may be the opposite, i don’t really know…

That partly contributes to the simplicity. Way back when, IIRC Yahoo actually had nudges (buzzes) before MSN did (circa 2002). IMVironments and Audibles too. Then MSN introduced similar features, and that’s what makes 99% of Yahoo!'s features translate well with MSN’s (sadly MSN’s dynamic backgrounds and winks wouldn’t translate well since that’s P2P). Also just because before 6.0 Y!M was just simple by design, both graphically and in protocol. Still wish valtron went with my separate frontend system idea. Would’ve been more fun and let us have the opportunity to revive back most of these protocol’s features lol (in MSN and Yahoo!'s case to “integrate” the account systems with their respective companies official ones to let people use their real accounts and whatnot).


I think my idea for resolving the issue is to make a IM client that would be a deluxe Instant Messaging application for Escargot, what i mean by that is that it can know what IM a user is using and then specialize the chat window for that user, also, the headaches of using a specfic IM (like MSN 8.5 not working on XP without the help of some application, or being required to spam enter to login on XP.) would be gone.

I don’t think anyone would care for making a IM specialized for Escargot, as in a nutshell, they would just be a modern version of super-gimmicky all-in-one IM suites like Trillian.

Sadly that can only be accomplished if we made our own protocol or made server-side changes to indicate such. Not only is identifying who’s on what client going against valtron’s goals, but the latter can also break compatibility with official clients if our mangling of the protocol data is considered invalid to them. As for making our own protocol, I think we’ll pass on that for now.

That’s not really a XP issue, as the clients having those problems were intended to work on that system. It’s more of our server setup not having the ability to support the proper ciphers for XP to log in with those versions of MSN (for reference, valtron uses Caddy). If valtron’s convinced it’s big enough of a problem, he’d probably consider switching servers to something more flexible and lenient. I personally hope that happens sooner haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be nice to see AIM work on Escargot, but it’s probably not possible. Lets just use Phoenix for the time being. :slight_smile:

You do realize my first reply pretty much states that it’s possible to implement the protocol within Escargot’s infrastructure. It’s just integration with other frontends that’ll be not so spotless.