(WORKED) Found an Windows Messenger 6.1 (not MSN Messenger 6.x) from Windows Longhorn Build 4074

I both flagged you and Maxime for being edgy people who like to swear at people.

you’re acting kinda toxic dude, pull the tapeworm out of your ass

(you too, maxime)

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Defending a kid who acts like a total dick in front of everyone? Or are you just saying that because of the “bad” and “mean” things the big man said?

Did you just checked the old Windows 8.0 shit i posted earlier this year and you went “yup, what a toxic fuckboy, bet he’s a retarded goanimate kid as well”?

Hmm, well really all I did was check my email and happen to find that a little kid wanting to starting a lil somtin fun

i mean, to be completely honest with you all three of y’all are doing shit wrong. PF94 has a bit of a kneejerk reaction and gets flamed up easily (kinda reminds me of myself a bit lol), Maxime is a pretty virulent defender of Vista and Longhorn, and it just seems like you’re here to troll a bit and watch people get angry judging from your prior replies in this fuckfest of a forum


I agree with appledoo post.

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That is very ignorant of you to assume such from me, although it is reasonable I still think that you should at least read the comments before doing such oh yes, and as for you , couldn’t you say the same thing about yourself?


Did you know you COULD have avoided this? By just ignoring it?

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If a person is going to say some cute things about me, I like taking the chances to expose their little cringe reddit ass.

So, do you realize that you are blaming others for your things?

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I love how this went from the actual topic, to Maxime bitching about windows longhorn, to Maxime insulting me and changing his PFP to look more edgier, to Mine_Master appearing out of nowhere and gossiping about me.

If you’re talking about me, Are you saying that you want to find my profile on reddit, then use a app to downvote EVERYTHING i posted?

Did you not read the kid’s comments?

kinda gay bro :flushed:

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i did, but you started to fight with him.

I never said anything about a operating system that was negative, you brought it up from your own imagination (;

can we end this and eat icecream at chicago, il?

What the fuck, I said “Maxime”, not you. :frowning:

Aren’t you a attention whorer? :unamused:

Hmm I don’t see anything homosexual about saying the word “cute” by being ironic.