WLM 8.5 is here! (lol i'm actually using the beta version so it works :P )

Nevermind! I have it now! I think that the language you chose in WLM has to match the one you chose in msg plus

Como haces que los iconos de contacto fueran tan grandes

Probably the file break.

9 months ago.


How i install IE6 on Windows 10

Just run this file: Link
It’s IE6 original, and packed using VMWare ThinApp.
NOTE: This is not original and cannot be installed, Older IE is restricted from using old IE on Newer Operating System.

But why? IE6 wasn’t good when it came out - why would it be good in 2019?

Because why not.I always liked ie6 too and i still do

Some reason people said IE6 sucks because:
Security Problem
Can’t Load Google (but IE6 SP1 Provided by AOL and IE6 SP3 is working)

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