WLM 2009 IS HERE :)

Today is the day, when everyone’s dream is came true. WLM 2009 is finally here along with yahoo messenger 5! Download today!!!


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how did you all figure out how to install it since the installer seems to be broken for alot of people.

Yeah, dream came true, but sadly i can’t test it, and to know why, my profile description mentions why i can’t do it immediately.

i can install it fine

did you uninstall windows live messenger first?

nope not yet

didnt ask you. unless your talking about something else

The server is all the time congested lol. I cant even log in

  • messenger plus 5 is working again!!!

not only version 4.

so i finally logged in lol

The wlm 2009 installer is broken
let me know how to install

looks like we might have to patch it.

i managed to install the patched just fine

and now i cant install the unpatched one cause it says that i have a more recent version, dont tell me im gonna have to make a fresh install of windows now.

how? what did you do before?

nothing, i downloaded it when the site was live

does it download things, is the download server dead for it?
also zapmessenger wont work, seems like i bricked my pc when it comes to WLM. and im sure wlm 8.5 wont install. How do i just wipe out all messenger files since zapmessenger doesnt seem to stop, or do anything at all.