WLM 09 not starting

Problem description:
The other day I installed wlm 09 and it worked perfectly fine but I wanted to try out other versions. I uninstalled wlm 09 and tried out a bunch of different ones (including 8.5 and 8.1) just to see which one I liked best. I uninstalled them all and decided that wlm 2009 was the way to go but when I did it wouldn’t start, I clicked on the icon and it would automatically close.
Error code/error message:
What has been tried so far:
I repeated the process of uninstalling and reinstalling wlm 09, decided to try to see if it happened with the other versions and it didn’t. I even tried rebooting my pc but nothing.
Messenger version:
Windows Live Messenger 2009
Windows version:
Windows 10